INOVO is the Spanish Association of Egg Products Manufacturers. Since 2004 represents the egg products industry in Spain. Mr. Oscar Hernández chairs the association and Mrs. María del Mar Fernández is Director.

The aim of INOVO is to promote and improve the egg products industry and to adapt it to the market demand. Some of the INOVO tasks are to offer training and technical support to its members, to inform the consumers and final users on the characteristics of egg products and their safe and proper use.

INOVO is a member of the interbranch organization of the egg and egg products industry in Spain (INPROVO), the meeting and coordination point for associations of operators in the egg food chain in Spain.  Their common aims are to innovate and improve the egg products quality, to fit them to the consumer demand, to promote the knowledge and development of the sector and to encourage a safe use of eggs and egg products.

INOVO maintains a dialogue with the public administrations, institutions and national and international organizations to exchange the views on the activity and needs of the egg processing industries.



Commercial name o brand: AVICOLA ARBARAITZ

Web page:

Egg products available:
– Pasteurized egg
– Pasteurized egg yolk 
– Pasteurized egg white

Address: C/ Diseminados, 4 01260 Eguino Álava
Contact: Felipe Jiménez Pérez de Villarreal
Telephone: 94 365 15 89
Fax: 94 365 17 98


Commercial name o brand: EUROVO

Web page:

Egg products available:
Liquid egg products: Pasteurized (whole egg, egg yolk, egg white)
– Huevo en polvo (entero, clara y yema)
– Frozen egg
– Clara liofilizada
– Lisozima, conalbúmina

Address: Carretera de Segovia, km. 19,5 – 47162 – Aldeamayor de San Martín (Valladolid) –
Contact: César Pardo Álvarez
Telephone: 983558155
Fax: 983558243


Commercial name o brand: OVOPAK + ALVAREZ CAMACHO

Web page:

Egg products available:
– Liquid egg products: Pasteurized and homogenized egg (whole egg, egg yolk, egg white), with salt or sugar.

– Boiled and peeled eggs.
– Aseptic packaging for liquid egg products (1 to 1.000 kg) and y vaporised tanks (25.000 kg.).
– Packaging for boiled eggs,  cubes (36 to 140 eggs).

Address: C/ Enrique Camacho Carrasco, 48 41620 Marchena (Sevilla)
Contact: José Mª Alvarez
Telephone: 902 2400 44
Fax: 95 584 64 56


Commercial name o brand: DAGU

Web page:

Egg products available:
–  Pasteurized egg (1, 5, 10, 25, 650 and 1.000 kg.)
– Pasteurized egg white (1, 5, 10, 25, 650 and 1.000 kg.)
– Pasteurized egg yolk (1, 5, 10, 25, 650 y 1.000 kg.)

Address: Crta. N-II Km. 50,6 P. I. Cabanillas del Campo, 19171 Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara
Contact: Francisco Pérez Fernández
Telephone: 949208832
Fax: 949203086


Commercial name o brand: CALIDAD PASCUAL

Web page:

Egg products available:

– Pasteurized whole egg (Pascual)
– Pasteurized egg white (Pascual)
– Pasteurized egg yolk (Pascual)
– Egg and potatoes Spanish tortilla with onion: refrigerated or fozen
– Egg and potatoes Spanish tortilla (without onion): refrigerated
Plain omelette

Address: Avda. Manoteras 24, 28050 Madrid
Contact: Félix Poveda Toledano
Telephone: 912 035 500


Contact us:

C/ Juan Montalvo 5, 1º D –  28040 (Madrid).

Tel: (+34) 91 598 59 20 – Fax: (+34) 91 534 67 05

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